Embla was established in 2016 with the same purpose as any other progressively thinking, modern-day Business; to make a positive impact to our World and the people in it. Our key principles of Integrity, Love and Compassion echo through the very DNA that makes Embla, Embla.

Our Mission

Each product in the Embla family has been conscientiously created and made exclusively with all natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Embla maintains the highest standard of quality throughout it’s Business, with a focus on providing highly functional, results based products.

Embla’s goal is to address the current dogma surrounding the meaning of Beauty. Beauty is defined as:

A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.


In today’s world, individuals are all too often held back not only by the feelings they have for themselves but also the feelings they think others have about them. True beauty lives in vulnerability, only once you truly accept yourself for who you are, only once you begin to express yourself from a place of self-love, will you feel the elusive sensation of true beauty both inside and out. Beauty can’t be painted on, beauty is not restricted by our senses, beauty is everywhere, beauty is everything.



We don’t have all the answers, and we are a new Business (hi!). But as all of our team sit here and write this together, we can honestly say to you that we strive every day to live by the words we speak. Our passion is helping others, you can find us regularly discussing issues around mental health, self-confidence, and generally learning to love yourself and live a good life doing so! It’s important to talk and we always have been and always will be about our people and community, so get in touch.